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All You Need to Know About Custom Shower Doors 

All You Need to Know About Custom Shower Doors

Whether you are restoring your home or building a new one, spicing up your bathroom should be the first on your to-do list!

Unfortunately, as exciting as it sounds, the task can be very challenging because choosing between gazillions of decor options is, indeed, very arduous.

The pivotal point of every bathroom is the shower. Therefore, the first step to amp up a dull, monotonous powder room is to replace the old shower doors.


However, your search for the perfect shower door would never come to a halt unless you have more knowledge about them, and of course, about your bathroom too.

So, before making a purchase, you must take notes on your bathroom's fixtures, interior, and overall style.


For instance, a contemporary and minimalist look calls for a frameless door, whereas a traditional look would incorporate a framed shower enclosure.

Apart from the style and design of the doors, it is essential to know the dimensions of your bathroom and the exact area that you would need for an enclosure.

A huge shower door for a tiny bathroom would look somewhat eccentric. Moreover, a hinged door in a small powder room means that the door would bang every fixture before you enter or leave the shower.

You don't want that, right?

So, stick right here with us to know more about the necessary information regarding shower enclosures and how to choose the fitting one for your bathroom!

Types Of Shower Doors

The various styles of shower doors will leave you spellbound by their uniqueness. However, the most striking fact about them is that you can get your custom glass door built by any vendor available to you.

The expense of installing shower doors can be huge, especially when going for custom-built ones. But, once they step in, the grandeur of your bathroom will increase significantly.

So, without further ado, let's move on to distinguish between the various types of shower doors to help you choose the excellent one for your lavatory:

1.Frameless Doors

If you are looking for a door that matches the contemporary theme of your bathroom, frameless doors are the right pick for you. The sleek glass finish without the metallic obstructions soothes your eyes.


The reason for their positive reputation is that they don't diminish the tile work of your bathroom. Instead, the transparency in glass visually amplifies the beauty of a powder room.


The doors are not entirely absent of metals since the screws, handles, and hinges that bind the doors are clearly visible because of the glass.

Moreover, their cost depends upon how thick the doors are. The thicker the door, the higher its cost because the tools required to support it would be more extensive in amount.

2.Semi-Frameless Doors

Since the custom frameless doors may lie outside the budget of many, semi-frameless doors can be a money-saving alternative.

You can either frame the top or the inner sides of the glass panels to give a breathtaking view of your lavatory.

Since the cost of the glass doors is relatively low, you can consider investing in high-quality frames, hinges, and supporting material to ensure that the doors are mounted perfectly without the fear of collapsing.


3.Framed Doors

Being the most affordable of all types doesn't merely mean the framed doors are less appealing than the others. On the contrary, the hard-wearing metallic frames amplify their beauty and strengthen the overall mounting of the shower doors.


Ranging from platinum, gold, or copper, the frames are available in almost any color and material, and when paired up with the tiles in your bathroom, they never cease to amaze the viewers with their beauty.


Over time, the frames may start breaking off the panels and give rise to mold and fungus. Therefore, they require frequent cleaning sessions.

4.Pivoting Doors

Also referred to as the swinging doors, they are similar to the ordinary doors in a household. The hinges on one end and the handles on the other allow pushing or pulling the door towards the shower area.

You can either install single or double doors, considering the amount of space you have in your powder room.



Besides, the doors can be sliding too. Being pivoted at one end, you can slide the doors to enter or exit the shower room. Such doors come in handy when you want a minimalist look for a less-spacious bathroom.

5.Round Doors

If you want to spice up a small bathroom, curved doors can be a fantastic choice. They look perfect when installed in the corners. Despite being space-savers, they give a spacious and contemporary look to a lavatory.

If you love spacious rooms, consider installing sliding doors instead of swinging doors. Swinging doors means clearing fixtures in the bathroom to avoid hitting them. So, round and sliding, a perfect space-saving combo, right?


The Bottom Line

By now, you might be able to have a firm grasp on the type of shower door that suits your bathroom interior the best.

But wait, there is more to it! From different styles and colors of frames to textures in glass doors, your restroom eagerly awaits you to make the perfect choice for it.

If you love a little more privacy than usual, consider installing tinted or frosted glass. On the other hand, if you desire to show off the delicate interior you spent many bucks on, consider the clear and transparent glass.



Also, keep in mind that you must know its dos and don'ts before giving an order for your favorite custom shower door. For example, some glass doors require regular clean-up while others may need a clean-up twice or thrice a week.

Regular cleaning prevents soap patches and hand marks from ruining the door's aesthetic and also the build-up of fungus or mold in the corners due to humidity.

Everyone is familiar with the fact that revamping a bathroom is not a piece of cake. It requires expert advice and on top of that, a company with good prior experience of bathroom works. Therefore, it is wise to think and consult before making a purchase.

If you want to get in touch with such a company, check out Quality Mirror and Glass located in New Jersey, an independent mirror and glass shop.

With more than 20 years of experience, they specialize in various glass services. So, they will ensure that you get the shower door you have always wanted.

Happy furnishing!

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